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Friday, December 26, 2008


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Marimekko-Retro Designs with Bold Color

Marimekko-Bold Retro Fabrics

I appreciate bold colors and incorporate them in the designs of my bags. Never will anyone be able to say that my bags are boring. Simply V bags are for those who dare to be different. I especially liked this bright Orange/Yellow pattern Marimekko fabric which has retro vibes-hence the following zipper pouch wristlet bag evolved.Great bag to carry any of your personal necessities-ie. cosmetics,ID,wallet,ipod,PDa,CELLPHONE,KEYS,ETC. Marimekko fabrics are high quality fabrics from Finland."Peikonlehti"-2006. Check it out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pineapple Lovers-A great bag for you!

Love Pineapples? I thought this fabric by Tommy Bahama was so interesting that I made this zipper pouch bag for my simplyvdesigns etsy shop. It's simple,but certainly not boring or plain.The bag is great to carry any of your personal necessities-ie. wallet,ID,Ipod,cellphone,PDA,cosmetics/makeup and more. Check this bag out-you'll love it for yourself or someone you know who'll appreciate the style. Many other styles available for the daring.........

Friday, June 27, 2008

HEATSTROKE-A True Medical Emergency

With the hot Summer months now in full swing- it is very important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of "Heatstroke". It is the most severe of the heat related problems that can occur during this time of year,and is a true medical emergency that can be fatal if not treated in time. Heatstroke usually occurs during extremely hot weather associated with high humidity.Normally the human body is able to regulate body temperature through physiologic mechanisms allowing for the dissipation of heat via radiation of heat through the skin or by evaporation of sweat. Heatstroke develops when there has been a breakdown in the ability of the body to dissipate heat causing a rise in body temperatures to above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This rise in body temperature causes both physical and neurological symptoms and can lead to irreversible organ damage if not treated aggressively .Heatstroke can develop rapidly and often without warning.

Common symptoms and signs include: headache,nausea, lightheadedness or feeling dizzy,elevated body temperature, rapid,thready pulse,difficulty breathing, hot,red or flushed ,dry skin,absence of sweating, victims may start acting bizarrely,hallucinate,act confused,agitated or disoriented; seizures can occur,or victims may "pass out", faint or become comatose.

Those who are most susceptible to heatstroke: infants,young children,elderly,especially those with heart ,lung or kidney diseases,or on certain medications that make them more at risk(ie.antidepressants),athletes,outdoor workers,anyone physically exerting themselves out in hot weather

How do I treat heatstroke?

It is very important to act quickly if you suspect someone is suffering heatstroke,or exhibiting any of the above mentioned symptoms. First- COOL the victim by getting them in a shady area,remove clothing and begin to apply cool or tepid water to their skin. You can do this by spraying them with water from a garden hose, or just pouring water over them or sheets and fanning the victim to promote sweating and evaporation. Place ice packs under armpits or groin area. Call 911 immediately and continue your cooling efforts until help arrives. No alcohol rubs, and don't try to force the victim to drink water if they are not fully conscious.

How to Avoid Heatstroke?

Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water or Gatorade when out in hot,humid weather. Avoid vigorous physical activities if possible. Take frequent breaks if out in the sun,especially to hydrate yourself. Make sure that children and the elderly are watched closely for any signs of dehydration adequately protected against extreme hot environments. Wear hats, light colored,loose fitting clothes when outside. Avoid alcoholic beverages when out in hot,humid weather because of the risk of greater dehydration and causing heatstroke.

Just remember that heatstroke is the extreme of all the heat related problems that can occur during this time of year. It can be fatal! Be diligent is maintaining adequate hydration, watch out for those who are greater risk, act quickly if you suspect someone is exhibiting any of the signs and symptoms of heatstroke,and call 911 for help.

Enjoy your Summer!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day-Let Us Not Forget

Memorial Day is a day of rememberance for those who lay their lives on the line in the military!We should thank these brave men and women everyday for the service they provide-not just for the United States ,but for the entire world. We could never say the right words or give enough honor to those who have died, or have been injured fighting in wars that somehow hold no meaning to the masses. We fight, we die, we destroy for reasons that defy humane reasoning-but we must support those who do what they are asked to do for our country; they undergo what many will never understand, will never imagine, will never endure-so proud, so strong, incredible preseverance and diligence. I have many in my family who have proudly served this country and I want to acknowledge them: My father-Charlie-who served in the Korean War, My mother-Christine, served in the US military, my cousins-Ricky,Tom,Renee,Robert,Tim,Steve-all proud military veterans, and my brother, Charles-currently CW3-Commander -335th Transportation Detachment-USAV General Frank S. Besson Jr, Fort Eustis, Virginia, ,Silver and Bronze Star recepient,Global War on Terrorism Medals,Iraq War veteran-3 tours- I love all of you, I Thank you and Honor you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do!

From the Soldier's Creed: "I will always place the mission first
" I will never accept defeat"
"I will never quit"
"I will never leave a fallen comrade"

Let Us Not Forget!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Words Are Very Powerful

Quotation for the week:"The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels".-Hazrat Khan

The words we speak are so powerful. Not only what is said, but how it is said. We all have used words that were not appropriate for the circumstance;may have been taken out of context, or just plain wrong. It is more important to try to think about what you're going to say to someone before you actually say it, take your time, and also listen to what is being said to you. There are so many words that one could not possibly know them all, but we all have a vocabulary that is capbale of being expanded upon. Some choose not to learn beyond what is expected of the average human being, others continue to learn new words and utilize them in their daily lives,some use their words carefully, some just don't care, but the quotation above has so much deeper meaning than many will be able to comprehend . I challenge the masses to "enlighten one another"-choose your words carefully and hold on to your precious soul.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Communication With Your Doctor

Communicating effectively with your doctor is very important in making sure you are getting the best health care you deserve. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't understand the terminology that your doctor is conveying-don't pretend that you do. Have it explained to you until it is understood. Don't assume that the doctor knows everything ,because he/she doesn't always have an answer for every problem that a patient may have. Please give the doctor all the information that they need to properly treat your medical problem,ie. tell the truth. How well you communicate will dictate what the treatment plan will be. If you are faced with a very difficult diagnosis, don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion,or more if needed ,until you have all the facts and options regarding your particular medical condition. If you cannot communicate effectively with your doctor ,or refuse to take an active role in your own medical care, don't expect a good outcome. The relationship between a doctor and patient is a very sacred one indeed. It cannot be taken lightly. If your doctor won't listen to you, or vice versa, then it's time to look for someone who will provide you with the type of communication that will enrich your medical care experience. Don't settle for less-be an advocate for yourself and any others that may be less fortunate. SPEAK UP,BE TRUTHFUL,AND ASK QUESTIONS.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Color is so important in this dreary world! Color is dynamic, forever changing and a person's favorite color tells a lot about the person.I for one like to blend a lot of colors together in my own handbag/accessory designs.Color opens a whole new world to the person who is not afraid to wear something besides Black and White. For example, if BLUE is your favorite color- you desire calmness, harmony and a life free of tension! You are cautious in how you dress, act or speak to others; BLUE lovers like a peaceful environment and have a refined sense of beauty, as well as being persistent, conscientious and spontaneous in their life endeavors.

RED lovers are usually aggressive and extroverted with great will power, but are quick to take sides and make judgements; energetic, impulsive and have a tremendous drive for attaining success! Red is a power color, and not to be worn by the person who doesn't know who they are or who doesn't want to be seen or heard.

PINK is the gentle side of RED and symbolizes love and affection without a lot of passion; people who love Pink tend to be maternal, desire affection and like feeling love and secure in their environments;they love kisses and affection and tend to be charming and gentle overall.

PURPLE lovers like to show their creative side; tend to be glamorous and are authority figures in society; they are spontaneous, highly individualized and are often indecisive, but are tolerant of others, dignified and self-assured.

Color adds spice to life, through the many personalities of people all over the world; from the clothes we wear ,to the color(s) within our homes and environments where we play and work in. Take a look at yourself and what colors inspire you, and you may be surprised as to how close the connection is to who we are and why we may respond to the things that happen in our lives.It has been long established that designers incorporate certain colors in their designs to "draw in" or capitalize on the "mood" or ideal(s) they are trying to convey. There are physical and psychologic reasons for this color phenomenon factor. Think about your own relationship with color(s) and how you respond to different colors in your own environment.

COLOR........... breathtaking..........symbolic..............personal..........beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To Stroke OR Not To Stroke: Warning Signs

Stroke is also known as "cerebrovascular accident." An accident waiting to happen! Warning signs include: sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially affecting one side of the body. also may include sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding others, trouble seeing in one or both eyes, problems walking normally, dizziness, loss of balance and coordination, headache with no known cause.

It is important to not delay in seeking medical care immediately-Call 911 or EMS!

Note the time symptoms started because if given within 3 hours, there is treatment that could reduce long term disability. Strokes can occur at any age, so don't delay in seeking medical care if you have any of the the above mentioned symptoms! A stroke can be devastating- causing debilitating neurological changes that can affect your life. Time means everything-don't delay in seeking medical care. Even symptoms that resolve could indicate an evolving or threatened "stroke". The American Stroke Association wants you to be aware of the warning signs. Be educated. Be alert and assertive. Be wise and swift if you or anyone you know has symptoms of a stroke- symptoms may come and go, but if present at any time-need further evaluation by a medical professional.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Red for Women-A Worthy Cause

Red is such a powerful color! The Go Red for Women movement brings awareness to the number 1 killer of women in this country-cardiovascular disease .It's so important to get educated, get involved and get active.Support the cause-wear the color Red during the month of February to show you care. You can find out your own risk of cardiovascular disease by taking a short test online at http:// www.goredfor Educating yourself and others you know is the first step.Spread the word among your family and friends and GO RED!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Burlap-More Than A Sack

Burlap is More than a sack.........

"Burlap-a coarse cloth made of hemp or jute"

Burlap is such an interesting fabric to work with. The irregular texture gives you a blank canvas to design from. Although it is difficult to work with because it easily frays-you can really appreciate your creations once they are completed.The material can be used to make bags, sacks, and also can be used as wallcoverings.

Red Burlap Totebag with Cellphone Cubbie

This small burlap tote bag is so CUTE! Will come with a matching cellphone or ipod "cubbie"(case}. It's definitely for the person who likes to be different!
Measures: 16"W(top)/10"W(bottom) X 9" H X 6" D(top)/4"D(bottom)
Cellphone/Ipod "cubbie": Made from same burlap fabric, lined in cotton fabric;has attached strap with lobster clasp and Gold tone rings to attach to the tote or another one of your bags; self fabric applique, fringed edges and studs ;(4-1/4" H X 3-1/2" W)
Nice matching set for school, work or travel!

You can find this set ($40.00) and others in my etsy shop -
"The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw"
-Havelock Ellis

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heart Attacks-Our #1 Killer

About 1.5 million Americans suffer a heart attack each year.That's about 1 every 20 seconds! This makes them our leading cause of death. A heart attack occurs when a coronary artery becomes blocked. It is always a medical emergency and anyone that has the symptoms of a heart attack should get to a hospital emergency room as fast as possible.
Symptoms include: chest discomfort-chest pressure,heaviness,heartburn;discomfort can include pain in one or both arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach;shortnes of breath,lightheadedness,fainting,sweating,nausea or anxiety. It is important to note that some heart attacks have no obvious symptoms.
Women may actually have more of the other symptoms, ie shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting,back or jaw pain. Diabetics can have more of the "silent heart attacks" with no obvious symptoms.
Who are those at risk? Those with a family history of heart disease, men over age 50, menopausal women, those who smoke, untreated high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and sedentary lifestyle.
It is important to realize that heart attacks can occur at any age! If you or anyone you know have any of the above risk factors and have any of the mentioned symptoms, don't delay in seeking medical care.

Medical term(s) for heart attack: MI(myocardial infarction), ACS (acute coronary syndrome)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Primary Gone Wrong

I really don't know what the democratic politicians are thinking of. How can you can you really have a legitimate primary without all the major candidates on the ballot? The major candidates that removed their names from the ballot to "punish" Michigan for having its primary earlier are really showing what they're made of. Don't the people of this state matter? How could you not participate in something this important.It makes no sense to vote"uncommitted" when you're really not! This is what we're instructed to do if our candidate is not on the ballot. How are all the voices of the people in Michigan being heard through this "sham" of a primary. Any candidate that is serious about all the people they would be representing would not"punish" the people who would be voting for them.They would have actively participated, have their names on the ballot, and let the process go on as it should. The childish bickering between the National democratic party and the State's Democratic committee has caused our primary to be a mockery! This type of behavior should really make us all of stand up and take a stand against what is happening. Shame on the Democratic Presidential candidates that are no shows on the ballot. It makes me wonder how we'd all be punished by those candidates if we try to change something else they don't agree with.Whatever happened to CHANGE? I'll be thinking very seriously about who I'll be voting for in the "real" election. The candidate(s) who had the integrity to do what is right, have the best chance of getting my vote. Uncommitted----not hardly.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wild Things Make My Heart Sing

I think everyone has a "wild" side to them! My handmade bags reflect "simplicity with a touch of whimsy"-but I try to make sure that they will spice up any routine outfit-from casual to dressy. I also try to appeal to different age groups. My zebra print clutch bag is certainly fun to carry. Just enough of the"wild" to attract attention but not distract from the person who is carrying the bag. Take a look.It can be found in my shop along with many other styles.

Wild Thing-you make my heart sing
Wild Thing-I think I Love You


"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy"

-Anne Frank

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When will we?

When will we see that things are not as they used to be?
When will we understand that we reap what we sow?
When will we open our souls to one another-
For loving one another as sisters and brothers?
Tomorrow is within our reach
But we must be willing to learn and also teach
When will we as people just do better and say
Life is for real and not just a dramatic play?

Simply V

Monday, January 7, 2008

To Thine Ownself Be True

Well, here it goes-my first blog entry! I never thought of "blogging" before, but I guess I'll give it a try. I have a lot of knowledge to share, so why not. I have always been a creative person for a far as I can remember-sewing since I was a little girl-taught initially by my mother, later on receiving further training in fashion illustration and design to go off to New York with my portfolio to Parson's and getting to New York to realize that it wasn't the place for me. I came back home to a health care career as a pharmacist,followed by medical school and residency as an Emergency Medicine physician. Wow! Crazy as it all is, I have always wanted to further explore the creative side in me. It has been neglected over all these years,terribly missed, so now I must incorporate "creativity" back into my life. How many of us out there have neglected important aspects of out lives? Life is short-complicated and confusing at times. So if you do one thing today-do something that you like to do,don't take life for granted and help someone else along the way! Be true to yourself.......