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Sunday, March 16, 2008

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Color is so important in this dreary world! Color is dynamic, forever changing and a person's favorite color tells a lot about the person.I for one like to blend a lot of colors together in my own handbag/accessory designs.Color opens a whole new world to the person who is not afraid to wear something besides Black and White. For example, if BLUE is your favorite color- you desire calmness, harmony and a life free of tension! You are cautious in how you dress, act or speak to others; BLUE lovers like a peaceful environment and have a refined sense of beauty, as well as being persistent, conscientious and spontaneous in their life endeavors.

RED lovers are usually aggressive and extroverted with great will power, but are quick to take sides and make judgements; energetic, impulsive and have a tremendous drive for attaining success! Red is a power color, and not to be worn by the person who doesn't know who they are or who doesn't want to be seen or heard.

PINK is the gentle side of RED and symbolizes love and affection without a lot of passion; people who love Pink tend to be maternal, desire affection and like feeling love and secure in their environments;they love kisses and affection and tend to be charming and gentle overall.

PURPLE lovers like to show their creative side; tend to be glamorous and are authority figures in society; they are spontaneous, highly individualized and are often indecisive, but are tolerant of others, dignified and self-assured.

Color adds spice to life, through the many personalities of people all over the world; from the clothes we wear ,to the color(s) within our homes and environments where we play and work in. Take a look at yourself and what colors inspire you, and you may be surprised as to how close the connection is to who we are and why we may respond to the things that happen in our lives.It has been long established that designers incorporate certain colors in their designs to "draw in" or capitalize on the "mood" or ideal(s) they are trying to convey. There are physical and psychologic reasons for this color phenomenon factor. Think about your own relationship with color(s) and how you respond to different colors in your own environment.

COLOR........... breathtaking..........symbolic..............personal..........beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To Stroke OR Not To Stroke: Warning Signs

Stroke is also known as "cerebrovascular accident." An accident waiting to happen! Warning signs include: sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially affecting one side of the body. also may include sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding others, trouble seeing in one or both eyes, problems walking normally, dizziness, loss of balance and coordination, headache with no known cause.

It is important to not delay in seeking medical care immediately-Call 911 or EMS!

Note the time symptoms started because if given within 3 hours, there is treatment that could reduce long term disability. Strokes can occur at any age, so don't delay in seeking medical care if you have any of the the above mentioned symptoms! A stroke can be devastating- causing debilitating neurological changes that can affect your life. Time means everything-don't delay in seeking medical care. Even symptoms that resolve could indicate an evolving or threatened "stroke". The American Stroke Association wants you to be aware of the warning signs. Be educated. Be alert and assertive. Be wise and swift if you or anyone you know has symptoms of a stroke- symptoms may come and go, but if present at any time-need further evaluation by a medical professional.